Disgaea RPG Global Release Best Reroll Guide & Who To Go For


Hello gamers, it is now time for the new fantasy of Nippon Ichi Software which has brought the series to life. There are many characters available with this game and it’s amazing with its anime environments. There are no words to explain about the environment of this RPG carries and what is more, is its new combats system. You are not going to be tired off and there are so many ways has to engage in challenging combat.


Disgaea RPG Global Release Best Reroll Guide & Who To Go For


Disgaea RPG comes to the gaming world with several characters and those are coming from the past entries of these games. You can see a lot of beautiful personalities with them and every player can experience an amazing fresh gaming experience with this game. So to continue with the battles and the gameplay, you need to have a successful reroll and today’s guide is dedicated to the reroll and for the best options.


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Disgaea RPG Tier List


There are 4 tier lists available in total for the Disgaea RPG and those are ranked for their skills. Each of these tiers is ranked heroes who have unique types of strengths and they have different mechanisms to play in the battle. The tier list is as follows.


Disgaea RPG Global Release Best Reroll Guide & Who To Go For


SS Tier rank


These are the heroes who can be identified as the powerful ones in the game and they are the main character soft the game. Heroes coming under this tier list are as follows.


  • Desco


Desco is a tier hero that is known as a monster a type character. His defending is 15% for all the enemies and doing a 60% of normal attack for the humanoids. He is more active at the parties where monster specialized and you can use him as a perfect selection for sub demons. Desco conducts a powerful humanoid attack for the sub demons and has a low SP on overall strength attacks.


  • Valbatose


Valbatose is a hero that is super strong for the recovery techniques deal with low HP and the SP. He becomes very strong for the sub demon damage and has perfect durability. Valbatose has a good HP recovery system from the sub demon. You can identify this character as a powerful monster who is dedicated to sub demon special attacks. 


  • Sunny clothes Rosalind


Sunny clothes Rosalind is an excellent character who deals with magic and there are no special weaknesses with her. She is just super. Overall attack of the sunny will be sometimes useless for the convenience special when she deals with the sub magic. She has a low SP but compared to Desco she also gains a whole attack gaining for the game.


S Tier Rank


Based on the powers of the tiers, our next tier list is the S tier. It also goes with the SS tier and has super strengths in its heroes.


  • Lava


Lahar is the most desired freedom character in this tie and he is compatible with the battles. Lahar has a big self-estimation with him and composes with Valbatose to deal with simple sub demons. This hero is a versatile character.


  • Pleinair


Pleinair is dealing with the same magic abilities that Lahar holds and she has the same versatility quality as the Lahar. She is great for the support performances in the sub magic and has the highest SPD with her. Pleinair is not going to master with every attack of the game with low into medium SP.


  • Would use


Usaria is a highly versatile hero and has a high magic ability with herself. The sub magic is increasing of the Strong SP she holds and she will be great in monster physics, Usaria is more compatible with the Desco.


  • Noel


Noel is a powerful recovery hero that has a high role with the magic ability. She is taking part in the recovery role here with some equipment of muscle dream. You should know that Noel is so powerful and have a great versatility sub magic. She can learn every low PS skill at the very beginning of the game and you can see her active in the INTPT.


  • AX Snow


AX snow is activating in the party of specialization in axe weapons. You can use her for a single performance as she is great for that. The possession for SP in all attacks is low.


  • Actor


The actor is most successful in the single fire powers and where it activates the main magic. You can make him compatible with Kiria or Adele and this character is much solidified for PT with the first characters. The actor has a super recovery in the HP and has a low kind of master for the SP. He has a technique for paralysis granting with three of the modifications in magic.


A Tier Rank


A tier is powerful and you can meet up a battle with these heroes with some effort. But overall they are good and heroes come on them are as follows.


  • Sicily


Sicily has a cane technique system to learn the system of heel and she has the SP assistance. This is a character who is word equipped and with some low SP, she deals with powerful attacks.


  • Mao


Mao is the main demon and he has some increased firepower for real. He prefers the highest freedom in the organization and his SP with 25 sub demons is great. Sub demons he deals with can assist him with the firepower of the characters who are wand-equipped.


  • Adele


Adele is a strong hero that has a self-buff and she got a 75% of resistance to the flame. You can make Kiria to compatible with Adele


  • Kiria


Kiria is the strongest single-performance class in the game. Each of the sub demons she owns has a powerful buff with her and you can make Adele to compatible with her.


  • Freon


Freon is the fallen angel and her amount buffs or the recovery is somewhat messed and yet it is great. She learns the healing system by using the cane techniques and the increase of the EXP is convenient for the sub demon. Her sub demon is excellent in cutting damages and forgetting.


  • Fenrich


Fenrich deals with a super firepower skill when he gets humanoid character solidified. He is known to be the character who increases the sword equipment and it is done by the stealth of a sub demon.  Fenrich is so paired with the Valbatose and he is great for the sub demon debuff.


  • Santa Usaria


Sanat Usari is a high-performance character for the INT PA and she is acquiring the 2 unique techniques. She is the main demon and her attribute is attacking.


  • Yukimaru


Yukimaruy is the most powerful attacker for the water attribute and her strength is cannot be compared. Her increase of the SP for sub demons is great and it can be used in the monster battles.


  • Fuka


Fuka is the primary magic character who has great versatility. He will be activated in the PT solidified and she is known to be an ax character. When uses in sub magic, Fuka is great for the single firepower.


B Tier Rank


This rank is the least powerful but yet they are good. Not as the s or A. but they can be fitted with the situations.


  • Rosalind


Rosalind is a great character for the support performance and this character is a supporter for makes. He will sting enough to support the sub demons and at the same time result in a turnover in skills of the gun-equipped characters. Rosalind does this with the sub demons.


  • Raspberyl


Raspberyl is a great durable character and she is assistance with demon INT with the sub demon. You can experience a great reduction in the SP consumption from her and she is an assistant with ally gauge with the sub demons.


  • Serafine


Serafine is enhanced with steady based on the male characters. This character is so much convenient for increasing the HL and those are for the sub demons. Serafine has an amazing SP reduction.


  • Etna


Etna is a great character for the special attacks on women and the Prinny. You can expect a fast action from her with the wave start


  • Black Santa Lahar


Black Santa lahar is the versatility for the main demon and as a sub demon, it is delectated in fully.


Disgaea RPG Global Release Best Reroll Guide & Who To Go For


Disgaea RPG's best characters and the recommended heroes.


Disgaea RPG's best characters are always come with the SS tier and the S as they are great for every difficult phase you face. Usually, these are the tier list that holds the best heroes in an RPG and that fact is the same for this game as well. And based on your experience in the game we recommend you to use Prinny and the Etna for your game pay as they do justice for the game.


Best Reroll Tips for Disgaea RPG


  • You should use Valvatorez in certain situations as he is capable of leading.  He can take a fabulous ATK to boost up to 18% and this character who is been sword equipped would be great for any kind of attack system. Valvatorez’s dupe is increasing his skills n DMG by 45%.


  • Use Laharl whenever you feel the need for him because he too can lead the team. He can increase the allies’ stats by 10% and it is more than the SPD.


  • In some tough situations you face, better to use Desco because it can increase the monster stats of your allies’ by 11%. And also there are AOE skills with this character that takes a low cost for the activation.


Rerolling the best character on Disgaea RPG


There are a lot of heroes available in the Disgaea RPG and they are not coming to us with easy steps. Players have to reroll characters until they get the desired one. There are some stages of the game that you need the assistance of a specific hero and you need to have them by rerolls. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the gameplay. So how can you reroll to get the hero you want with LDPlayer. Here are the steps.


Disgaea RPG Global Release Best Reroll Guide & Who To Go For


  • Start the Game


Start to play your game and log in to it. Remember to log in with a guest account and you are here asked to select a name. After that game will let you reroll. The rerolling system in the Disgaea RPG is kind of faster than the other games and it makes the players more exciting with the game.


  • Play the tutorial battle and reroll


You will have to play the tutorial and take one character at first. The game will only let you pick one character from the free 4 star pulls and remember to make your choice wiser depending on the skills of the characters. Open the LDMultiplayer Tool to perform several rerolls at once and take your desired hero. Clone your emulators depending on your hard disk space and make it so much easier with LDPlayer


Rerolling through LDPlayer


Rerolling cannot be done always with an easier time and it comes with a time duration fixe. So if you missed the chance you will need to perform the whole process again and it is disturbing. But if you use LDPlayer, things get better and the Multi-Instance Sync Feature is letting the players have their rerolls as much as they need.


Disgaea RPG Global Release Best Reroll Guide & Who To Go For


Follow these steps to do your reroll with LDPlayer


  • Download LDPlayer from its official site to your PC
  • Install it to the PC and search Disgaea RPG in its store. Download the game to the PC and install it.
  • Do not open the game right after you download it. Close the game from the emulator and open the LDMultiplayer tool. Take the primary emulator and create clones from the emulator.
  • Copy many clones by checking on your hard disk space
  • Open every cloned player and make sure to click the feature Synchronizer. You can see it in the toolbar off right and select all, start syncing.
  • By doing this you can begin to start the Disgaea RPG game to the all copied emulator.
  • Start your game and follow the reroll guide




Disgaea RPG is an amazing game with several personalities of heroes and It will surely make you to another world with its mechanisms. We can assure you that this game is going to be a hit in the future and from the very few details we have, it has some better signs o become more interesting with the gameplay. So let’s wait until the game comes and we will choose our best hero for the gameplay.

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