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Last Updated: 2023-02-15

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Lion and Cheetah Wild Family Simulator Game:

A juvenile, strong cheetah awakens on the safari, hungry, exhausted, and thirsty. Now it's your job to satisfy her hunger and thirst. You must look after her, feed her, and aid her in reuniting with her shattered family. The lone survivor of the renowned Zuma Family is this little cat. You must assist her in reestablishing her tribe by recruiting new members. Since the Zuma Clan's significant defeat, the Safari landscape has been dominated by other families. To retake power and rule the region once more is the object of the game. You will achieve success! ✌

Assist this quick cat as it explores rivals like lions, lioness, elephant, hyenas, hippos and also crocodile-infested rivers, battles cheetahs, elephants, hyenas, lions, snakes, leopards, and perhaps other dangerous animals in the wild safari terrain. You will be on the edge of your seat as you play this intense animal simulator. However, this is not your typical animal simulator. Moreover, the living of tiger is not simple, but it is full of excitement, hunts, and cheetah game adventures. Enjoy the cubs as well as cheetah fighting game feature in the cheetah game with lion hunting and animal hunter experiences since the jungle is experiencing a dinosaur rampage and a gorilla city invasion. In this wild tiger assault 3D simulator with wild cheetah sim, battle against the enormous predators and demonstrate your lion hunting & cheetah family survival skills. In the game "Cheetah Family Simulator," you can virtually hunt down tigers, lions, jaguars, rhinos, gazelles, elephants, and many other jungle animals as well as appetizing prey like hares and birds.

Wild cheetah simulator in realistic 3D:

Cheetah games require you to consume other animals in order to maintain your energy and improve your health. In just this 3D cheetah simulator game, explore a vast savanna forest, contend with other animals for survival, and develop your strength. Inside this cheetah simulator city assault rampage and cheetah combat game, raise your wild cheetah family. Under this animal family simulator, you must defend and fight for your young African cheetah and lion family members as they develop into fearsome warriors. In animal fighting games with a wild angry cheetah adventure simulation, use mating and cub fights to dominate other wild animals.

Animal Combat & Predation Hunting as Energy Sources:

Fight and hunt animals to keep your energy up while teaching your offspring to fight with you in the cheetah game's wild cheetah combat mode. A battle between an African cheetah and wild animals in a vast savanna area demonstrates how lethal they may get. Utilize your cheetah simulator to conquer and endure among the wild animals in the woods. The greatest cheetah family game is available for lion fighting and cheetah family simulations for those looking for animal shooting and for sniper hunting.

Lion Cheetah Family Features:
Establish lion and cheetah clan of your own.
Unlock decorations to build and decorate a large home.
Nurture your virtual family, instruct cubs in hunting, and then release them into the wild.
Various stages, maps and environment for entertaining and enjoying.
Hunting together will help your family.
RPG gameplay: levelling up, evolving, and completing quests.
For cheetahs, there are various aesthetic possibilities.
The Information option in the game's menu allows you to view an animal's traits.
Zoom in and out using a rotating camera.
Huge world, realistic environments.
Epic battles.
Many real creatures to hunt.
Numerous assignments to complete in the quest system
Full of amazing 3D graphics

Play these games for the animal family to control your wild beast! Animal combat games let you attack, hunt, and consume your victim to win the battle for survival and govern the vast, luscious jungle. Install Cheetah Lion Game Wild Animal to begin the climactic struggle for the cheetah's existence.
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