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업데이트 날짜: 2022-01-24 게임 버전: 2.1.8

PC에서 LD플레이어로 즐기는 Pixel Paint - Coloring Book


다른 앱 광고에서 내가 원하는 사진으로 할수 있다고 해서 깔았습니다. 근데 처음 사진은 잘 되더니 2번째 사진부터는 안되더라구요. 광고도 봤지만 전혀 진행되는게 없었습니다. 그리고 플레이 중일때 광고가 나오더라구요. 플레이 중일 때 광고가 나오면 플레이 하기가 불편해서요. 차라리 시작하거나 끝에 광고를 넣어주시면 감사드리겠습니다. 앱 업데이트가 잘 되서 좋은 앱이 되었으면 합니다. 글 읽어 주셔서 감사드립니다.😊


저는 이걸 깐지 얼마않된 게임 유저입니다. 저는 굉장히 좋아요^^ 개인적으로 생각하면 집중력도 괜찮아지고, 시간때울때도 너무좋아요. 또 광고가 많이 나온다는 이야기들이 있는데요. 걍 맵을 나갔다 들어오면 되요^^ 핸드폰유저들께 정말 좋은방법이예요^^ 그냥 맨밑에 있는 동그라미만 누르면 되니깐요. 어쨌뜬 시간때우기를 좀원하시는 분들은 추천드려요~~


일단은 재밌는 게임이에요 근데 장점은요 장점1.한번씩 랙(?)이걸림 장점2.올릴때마다,옆으로 돌릴때마다,밑으로 내릴때마다 가끔 안됄때가 많고 주먹(?)으로때리면 괜찮음 장점3.밖에서 돌리면 돼고 안에서 돌리면 안됨 일단 이게 저의 가장 큰 문제입니다 이 3가지 장점들만 고치면 될 것 같습니다 그겄만 정말 좀 고쳐주시면 감사하겠습니다 그럼 안녕히계세요

🎨 Pixel Paint, the brand new coloring game for both adults and kids! 😊 Color by number, very easy, fun and addictive! All art coloring lovers gather here! Pixel by pixel, you create modern digital arts in this app!🐼 All paintings and coloring are free and FREE! FREE !!📣

💡How to draw? Kinda easy! Just use two fingers to zoom in on the image until the tiles with numbers appear and paint by number. Choose a color in the palette and color the cells with the right number pixel by pixel. No pix is impossible.No draw is too late. Color by number now.

💥 Key Features💥
- 🥰 Daily updated: 1000+ FREE pixel coloring artworks to choose from
- 🖌️ Offline Coloring Game, Paint By Number Everywhere: color by number anywhere at anytime without paper and pencil! No draw coloring. Just color book.
- 😎 3D and 2D coloring games are both supported! Pixel color. Colering games.
- 👨‍🎨 DIY Pixel Drawing: import or shoot your own pictures to create your pixel coloring masterpieces!
- 💡 Free coloring tools to help you finish pixel coloring art works more quickly! Coloring book is so interesting.
- 💌 Quick sharing: share your coloring artworks with families and friends!

Whenever you want to relax, just open Pixel Paint - Number Coloring Book. You will find so many free and fascinating coloring pictures like ice creams, unicorns, flowers, bit-moji, lake coloring, colering game which are for both adults and kids.🌹

With trendy design, modern colors, and cute in-app features, you'll fall in love with this modern coloring pixel number coloring game at first sight!🎈 No draw, just coloring games. Paint by number with Pixel Paint - Coloring Books, the best pixel art games, 10.000 pixle to draw. /coloring game, pixel coloring book.

A relaxing pixel art coloring games by number can develop your concentration, patience, and color matching skills. Find pixel-art images in different categories & color: cartoon, scenery, love💛, anime, animals🐱, vehicles🚃, flowers, hearts, horses, unicorn, mandala etc. Girl games, Color number, color life, paint games.🌟 No stress in Pixel Paint - coloring book. Adults can find peace and relax in art games, while toddlers can improve recognition and other abilities in coloring-games!

Blow your stress away by painting the pixel! Explore over 10,000 FREE 2D and 3D artworks or create your own pixel art. Color by number. Relax. Enjoy paint by number, draw by number, pixel color, art games, color games, coloring games! Download Pixel Paint now!
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