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Rock'n'Roll Knowitall

Rock'n'Roll Knowitall


업데이트 시간: 2019-12-16

크기: 37MB


게임 정보

Rock´n´Roll Knowitall is the ultimate quiz for every rock fan! Prove your Rock´n´Roll-Skillz, play against friends or random players from all over the world.

“This app is a must-have for every rock music fan!”
(VISIONS Magazine)

“Once you’ve got the hang of it, this game works great and is highly addictive, particularly for music nerds. And on top of your music expertise, the bonus rounds will also probe your general knowledge and skill.”
(Rock Hard Magazine)

“The beautiful and neat design, the tremendous fun factor (addictive!), and easy handling, make ‘Rock’n’Roll Knowitall’ the game of the summer!”
(Festivalplaner Magazine)

“(…) this handsome app is great fun, especially if you play the multi-player mode and battle your friends online.”
(Intro Magazine)

This free app provides access to more than 3,500 questions from across the genres “Alternative”, “Classic Rock“, “Hard Rock & Heavy Metal“, “Indie“, and “Punkrock“, which will put your passion for rock music to the test – from Level 1 (easy questions) to Level 4 (difficult questions). You and your opponent decide which genre the questions will come from. The “Brain Joker” helps you answer the questions and you can use the “Pressure Button” to put pressure on your opponent whenever you think that they will not be able to answer a question correctly. If you collect enough points on one level you qualify for exclusive bonus rounds, with exciting new games – show your friends who the real Rock´n´Roll Knowitall is!

Rock´n´Roll Knowitall hard facts:
• free quiz app for every rock fan – play against your friends, random players from all over the world, or alone in the training mode
• invite your friends using the app, by text message, e-mail, or via facebook
• more than 3,500 questions from across the genres “Alternative“, “Classic Rock“, “Hard Rock & Heavy Metal“, “Indie“, “Punkrock“, “Progressive Rock“, and “Speed-, Thrash-, Death- und Black-Metal“
• maximum fun thanks to four levels, new kinds of jokers and numerous bonus puzzles
• open all 40 achievements, work your way up the ranking from Rock’n’Roll-Embryo to Rock’n’Roll-Knowitall, and win joker packages
• new question-packages available all the time, expertly compiled by rock journalists and fans
• organise your player profile, play against people who share your taste in music, chat with your friends while you’re playing
• local 2-player mode, even playable offline
• become a Rock´n´Roll Knowitall-Supporter and add your own questions to the ultimate rock quiz
• Game Services Support for Achievements and Highscores
• Tablet support

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